Our bathrooms are often our sanctuaries from the demanding lives we lead. In there, kids can’t ask questions and the boss can’t give us deadlines. And because of that, we want our bathrooms to provide us with luxuries that enhance our alone time from the world.

Some state-of-the-art gadgets can make using our bathrooms more convenient. They can offer anything from quick order options to soothing tunes in the shower.

Here are 9 of them that you can check out today.

1. The Kohler Shower Speaker System

This water resistant pair of speakers for your shower is a pretty awesome idea. You can connect these to any sound system, or the Kohler T.V. system. You’ll get clean and happy each morning as you get ready for work. They can be mounted in any standard ceiling or finished wall. And, of course, because they’re Kohler, the sound is flawless.

2. The Toto Neorest Luxury Toilet

This luxury toilet from Toto is perfect for your smart bathroom. And your senses will thank you for using this one. It comes with a built-in deodorizer to help keep down the smell, a nightlight for guiding the way when the dog startles you awake, and a dryer to help keep off the chill.

This toilet also features an automatic lid that opens either by remote control or motion detection. Those cold winter early mornings will be a little more comfortable because of the seat warmer. And if you have a kid who always forgets to flush, the remote/motion sensor flush feature will solve that problem, too.

3. The Delta Flush IQ Hands-Free Flusher

You’ve seen the automatic toilets at the airports that work about 75% of the time. Now, with better technology, you can have the motion activated flusher at your home that works as advertized. All you have to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor, which is specifically placed to avoid excess flushing, and the toilet flushes automatically. This featured bathroom gadget can help fight the germs in your home.

4. The Sensor Activated LED Sink Tap

This is a fun one for the kids — a sink tap that lights up an LED light that changes colors based on the water temperature. Red for hot, magenta for warm, blue for cold – the sensor works by activating and adjusting temperatures and letting kids know when it’s safe to use.

Of course, grownups enjoy it, too. After all, who doesn’t love colored lights and water working together as one?

5. The Bathroom Mirror Television Gadget

If you’ve been to a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, you might have already seen this gadget at work. For home television viewers, this gadget allows a catch up on the morning news, traffic report, or whatever else you want to watch to help you get your day going. This feature would also be great for catching your favorite T.V. show while relaxing in the tub after a long day at work.

6. The App-Controlled Automated Bathroom

Apps allow you to do anything these days, including controlling your bathroom environment. A smart bathroom features things like bathtub temperature control and air temperature control. It also controls the music playing on your built-in sound system and custom built lighting, all by the push of a button on the app linked into the system of choice.

7. The Smart Lighting System for the Bathroom

For an energy efficient bathroom, try installing a smart lighting system. Even the most diligent household members can be thwarted by the rush out the door. This motion sensor-activated light system turns on and off based on the movement in the room. If you tend to forget and leave the light on, this could be a really great way with which you could save energy and utilities.

8. The Smart Body Analyzer

This is more than a scale. This gadget is a sort of low-key, hi-tech virtual doctor. It can help you keep track of your weight, body-fat composition, and heart rate. All of these are critical for watching your health, and may help you to catch a problem early on.

9. The Amazon Dash T.P. Re-Order Button

Ever had one of those days? You know, everything goes wrong, at every turn.

And then, blessedly, you get a break.

You head to the bathroom, finally able to take care of yourself. And after you’ve already seated yourself to start taking care of business, you realize the toilet paper has run out. And there’s none under the sink.

Installing the Amazon dash button by the toilet means you can instantly order that T.P. without ever getting up from your throne.

When you need to get away from the world for only an hour or so, smart bathrooms and these hi-tech bathroom gadgets are leading the way to your place of refuge.


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