Jobs are hard, work is stressful, and the weekends are too short and always too far away.

When you settle down at your desk and get ready to take on the drudgery of the day ahead of you, you could use a little morning inspiration and motivation.

Start your day with these inspirational short stories for work.

These are some of the best short stories to get you re-thinking your work day and motivated to tackle all the challenges that are in front of you.

Three Inspirational Stories to Boost Your Work Day

The Obstacle in Our Path

This is a story about opportunity. It will help you get a little perspective about what exactly obstacles mean and how they can be useful.

To summarize the story, there is a boulder blocking a path and most people simply go around it until one man decides to move it. When he does, he finds a purse full of money for his trouble. You get rewarded for conquering your obstacles rather than avoiding them.

Take that ever-growing inbox of yours for starters. Reading and answering all those emails can feel like a pretty big burden, especially when you start your day. But you never know what you might get out of answering them promptly and professionally. Maybe your boss will notice you. Maybe you’ll build better relationships with your co-workers. Maybe you’ll get clients who feel more taken care of and more satisfied with your results.

Take each challenge as an opportunity. It sounds trite, but it’s useful.

Instead of dreading meetings think about what you can do differently to make them better. Do you usually stay silent and keep your criticisms to yourself? What about offering a constructive opinion or taking the time to listen and learn something? You might actually be able to get something useful out of a meeting if you think of it in a more positive light.

Challenges are also great ways to prove to yourself and others that you are capable.

A work crisis is almost never fun, but it does show you what you’re made of. It forces you to think on your feet. It makes you get creative and problem solve.

You Only Get Out What You Put In

This is a popular saying with many inspirational stories to explain it, but here is an example of a good one. It’s a perfect anecdote to get you pumped about work because it involves a very relatable work situation.

A man declares he wants to quit his job and his manager observes that he never really started it. He never really put in the effort, and if you don’t put everything in then you can’t get anything out. You can’t make it to the top of the ladder without climbing.

Perhaps you were once working your way up the ladder, or perhaps you are working your way up now. Maybe you don’t yet have your dream job, and that can make it difficult to want to do a great job. You might feel under-appreciated or under-used and that can be pretty discouraging, but the results are up to you.

You can give up, or you can try harder.

You can’t really know what you’re capable of, or if a job is right for you, if you aren’t willing to actually try.

Shark Bait

In this story a scientist puts a shark in a tank with a fiberglass divider. On the other side of the tank the scientist drops in baitfish and records the shark’s reaction. Initially the shark tries very hard to get to the fish, but is stopped by the fiberglass wall. The experiment continues, and each time the fish are placed in the tank the shark tries less and less to get to them. When the barrier is finally removed, the shark doesn’t even attempt to get the fish. The shark thinks that because it couldn’t get to the fish before that it can’t get to them now.

That is what is so hard about failure. You think just because you failed before that you are destined to fail again.

Maybe you’ve tried for that promotion and been denied. Maybe you applied for a new job, your dream job, and you keep getting turned down. It’s hard to keep going, to keep trying, but think about the shark. If only he hadn’t given up, he would have realized that finally nothing was stopping him.

You might run into an invisible wall over and over again, but one day, the wall won’t be there, and you’ll be able to get through.

Elevate Your Work Life with Extra Effort

These are all stories about not giving up. These are stories about putting in the extra effort and continuing to try even when things are challenging or impossible. They’re great reminders that your success at work is within your grasp if you’re willing and determined to put in the effort.



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