You’ve decided to sell your product on Amazon and you want to be able to reach more customers. Amazon has a range of different ways to optimize your Amazon listing rankings. But to get the most out of Amazon and sell as much as you can you are probably going to need some additional help. This is where Amazon marketing services come in. There are many different companies working to provide sellers with information and help to improve their product listing and overall sales. From logos to data to keywords, these top 10 Amazon marketing services will help fulfill every need you have.

Read on to learn about the best of the best in Amazon marketing services!

Amazon Marketing Services FAQ

This section will go over the basics of different Amazon marketing services and answer some need to know questions about why these services are must-haves.

1. What Are Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon marketing services are businesses who have developed software to help meet the needs of Amazon sellers and integrate with an Amazon account. Amazon also has its own marketing tools as well, like their ads system which is similar to Google Adwords.

2. What Does Having An Amazon Marketing Services Do?

There are many different platforms that provide Amazon marketing services. Some of these companies focus on data and keywords, some of them focus on the more aesthetic end of marketing by providing you with a way to get ads to customers. All of them will fulfill a need that can often be done better through automation.

3. How Do Amazon Marketing Services Work?

Most Amazon marketing services will have a separate website and will integrate your sales information and data from Amazon to optimize your page. This is all done with permission from Amazon. You’ll simply subscribe with your Amazon account information and some personal information and allow the service to access your Amazon seller account.

4. Where Can You Sign Up For Amazon Marketing Services?

Most of these marketing services are subscription based and all the Amazon marketing services we reviewed can be subscribed to on their online website. Many of these services also have apps and Google Chrome extensions that can be downloaded. If the service is through Amazon, it can be accessed and subscribed to through the seller page.

5. Why Does A Business Need Amazon Marketing Services?

Most businesses need additional marketing services to make their lives easier and improve sales. These tools automate functions that are tedious and ineffective if done through simple human observation and work. Having an additional marketing tool or several will also take the guesswork out of connecting with customers because you’ll be able to watch trends and have data that shows what a customer is actually looking for.

How We Reviewed Amazon Marketing Services

To review the best Amazon Marketing services we looked at a range of different services and compared them based on features, pricing, usability, accuracy, and function. This list comes from both user and expert reviewers that focused on implementation and overall business growth with the service. Our review will cover their main features and look at their overall pros & cons to give you the most accurate picture of each service.

Overall Price Range Of Amazon Marketing Services

The overall price range of Amazon marketing services we reviewed can vary in price from as high as around $ monthly subscription fees to free downloadable extensions and apps. Most of these services have a range of subscriptions that vary in price as well so it really depends on how big your business is and what you want to get out of the service.

What Amazon Marketing Services We Reviewed

We looked at the top marketing services on the market to come up with this top 10 list. These services cover everything from repricing, to data and research and everything in between.

  1. 1
    Feedback Genius
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Unicorn Smasher
  4. 4
  5. 5
  1. 6
    AMZ Tracker
  2. 7
    Jungle Scout
  3. 8
  4. 9
    Amazon Ad Tools
  5. 10

One of the key parts of a product page is reviews. Customers are more likely to purchase a product with lots of good reviews. Feedback Genius is a tool that automatically asks a customer to leave a review of the product when they receive it. Customers find follow up emails to their packages a nice touch and are even more likely to leave good reviews because of the personal aspect. Feedback Genius integrates with your Amazon seller account and automates your follow up campaigns. Feedback Genius also has useful analysis tools and helps monitor any negative feedback.


  • Personal touch
  • Automation
  • Increased reviews


  • Pricier expensive packages
  • Bad customer service
  • Slow integration with Amazon

2. Scope

Scope is another keyword and product research tool that integrates with Amazon. It is used for better product research and discovery. The keyword discovery feature gives you niche keywords your product that you and your competitors should be using, and it also gives you popular keywords to integrate into your product information. Scope is also good for identifying niche markets that have little competition and high profits. They also provide a lot of information about Amazon fees and commissions as well as your sales velocity to give you a better picture of your profits and help mitigate risk.


  • Campaign optimization
  • Risk management
  • Sales velocity information


  • Accuracy tool can be inaccurate
  • Bad customer support
  • Can be pricier than other keyword tools

Unicorn Smasher is taking the guesswork out of Amazon marketing. They provide comprehensive product data, and the best part is? It’s free! Their dashboard lets you look at prices, bestseller rankings, estimated sales, and reviews all in one place. It lets you manage all of your need-to-do research in one place and also calculates revenue estimates for thousands of products so that you can forecast your potential sales and revenue stream. Because it is a free tool, there are ads placed throughout Unicorn Smasher, and the company is upfront about using your data.


  • Free tool
  • Filter system
  • Easy to install and use


  • The extension can slow your browser
  • Inaccurate product tracking
  • Lack of updates

Amzsuite is known for their great management of reimbursement, negative feedback, and inventory damage control. They have a number of different features that are lauded by Amazon sellers like their refund rescuer and inventory salvager. The Refund Rescuer is for when a customer doesn’t return a refunded product on time and a seller loses out on both product and money, Amzsuite will automatically notify Amazon. The Inventory Salvager keeps an eye on all product and requests refunds for lost or damaged product before you even notice.

Amzsuite also monitors negative feedback to determine the real reason for the bad review and deals with it or removes it before it becomes bad publicity.


  • Helpful for system building
  • Reliable service
  • Accurate reporting


  • Pricier than comparable services
  • Customer service problems
  • Doesn’t alert you of charges and fees 

Brightpearl is an all-in-one platform for Amazon seller account management. From the dashboard, you get insights and data that make managing your Amazon business more effective. Brightpearl also has the ability to manage customers, suppliers, inventory, purchases, and accounts in one easy-to-use website. The insights show profits, and growth for channels, SKUs, and customers. Brightpearl also gives you real-time accounting information as well as product profitability forecasts.

Their inventory channels are also highly detailed. They show in-stock and allocated product across all channels and give you different processing options as well as inventory flexibility options.


  • Account insights
  • One-stop-shop management
  • Smooth integration


  • Geared more towards e-commerce
  • Spotty customer support
  • Functions can be overwhelming

Keywords are important for search engine optimization, but a lot of the same principles apply to good marketing and optimization on Amazon. AMZ Tracker is the SEO guru of Amazon, they were the first keyword tracker for the Amazon seller platform so their tools are more mature compared to other Amazon keyword tools. They don’t have product finding tools because this tracker is made specifically for sellers who already have a product.

They also have tools to help you improve your keyword rankings and optimize your product listings. Other features include a negative review monitor, keyword research feature, and email reports.


  • Page analyzer feature
  • Keyword optimization
  • Competitor monitoring


  • Complicated dashboard
  • High prices compared to AMZ Tracker’s free tools
  • Customer service problems

Jungle Scout is a tool for data-driven product research. You can sift through their product database to find out what is selling, what isn’t, and what are popular niche items. Jungle Scout gives you tracking for average daily units sold, and average daily revenue. It also gives you a wider scope with monthly revenue of the product and monthly units sold. Some features of Jungle Scout include a product tracker to monitor specific products. It’s also a good way to stay on top of your competition.


  • Tools for competitive advantage
  • Fast research tool
  • Wide-ranging metrics


  • Poor customer service
  • Tricky on-boarding process
  • Sometimes shows inaccurate data is a tool for Amazon repricing. They have recently rebranded from Appeagle and have upgraded their services. A repricing tool takes the hassle out of monitoring your competitor’s prices and changing your prices manually. Instead, you set your minimum and maximum prices and automatically changes them for you based on the competition at the time. They also give you analytics on your prices and allow you to customize all your settings from fulfillment to box prices. also integrates with Walmart and eBay so it is a great one-stop shop for sellers on multiple platforms.


  • Customizable rules
  • Easy to learn software
  • Multiple repricing options


  • Poor customer service
  • Good if margins aren’t a big concern
  • Price Increases

Ads are a great way to reach customers and Amazon has its own platform for you to reach customers on Amazon. The program is simple to use and resembles Google Adwords, which many sellers are already familiar with. You have choices about placing your ads. The bigger and better placed your ad is the more it will cost to advertise through Amazon, but it will have a greater ROI. A good place to start placing ads in headline search, product display, or promoting through sponsored products.

Amazon also provides insights and statistics to help merchants optimize their ads over time. They also have their own keyword database which is also useful.


  • Ad placement options
  • Analytics
  • Accurate data


  • High minimum budgets
  • Can be overwhelming
  • Ads require more work and research to get right

SellerLogic is another tool to help deal with pricing on Amazon. It automatically optimizes your price and sets the price at what is best for your overall margin. The goal is to get you into the buy box with your highest possible price. They offer several pricing strategies to choose from. The options are positioning, buy box, sales, and same price. Positioning will put you in a specific place in search results while buy box will focus on getting your price in the buy box. Sales will focus on the price that gets you maximum sales, and the same price strategy will keep your price matched with your competitors.


  • Pricing strategies
  • Automatic pricing
  • Ease of use


  • Profit margin concerns
  • race to the bottom pricing
  • Integration

The Verdict

There are lots of different tools that you might need to optimize your Amazon page.

Overall the best analysis tool you can have is AMZ Tracker because the insights they give you and keyword optimization are so essential for a good ranking Amazon page. For optimization, the best tool is Feedback Genius for its great time saving and page optimization functions. If your needs are around pricing SellerLogic is your best option because of its strategies for pricing and beating the competition. Finally, if your needs are promotional, there is nothing better than what Amazon does itself with Ad Tools is your best option. Happy selling!


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